Recreate My Logo

This has become a speciality field for us, recreating logos that clients have that are either low resolution, outdated, that an overseas company has made for them and only provided a flattened image (jpeg) and not the source files.... or they are uncertain they have the copyright to (we won’t mention those sites!!!).

Many design and print firms offer this service. Increasingly, however, their customers register the same complaint – their digitally converted logo has been created by a less capable design studio and is of poor quality and becomes pixelated when enlarged. This is a big problem and means that the company cannot enjoy all the benefits of having a digital logo. If you have a logo that is in a .jpeg format or similar, is under 800kb, you

At Big Bold Branding, we create production quality logos that can be scaled up to any size and used again and again without any loss of quality. The graphic can also be placed against any background including your website. This is the best way to ensure the versatility and usefulness of the image.

If you have a logo that is only .jpeg or .gif format, or is 800 kb, or need something made big, you need help! These files are in essence, a picture of your logo. You still don’t have the original.

Having a quality logo created in or converted to a digital format is essential in today's business world. A logo recreation, conversion or repair makes it possible to use your company graphics to promote your business online – and more importantly – make the reproduction of your logo easier, cost effective and consistent. A lot of companies build into their quote the work needed on your logo when producing an carousel-item for you (whether it is a promotional product or sign) and the you may be paying over and over again without knowing and with variable results.

A logo is more than just a logo – it is an asset of your company. We want you empowered and in control of your brand assets. Having your logo in the correct formats give you back control and actually saves you money.

It is a small investment upfront and is something worthwhile to build on.

Do it once, do it card card-body – and be on brand, consistently.