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Bollard Signs

Why not make that pole work for you baby!. Not in the pole dancing type of way, but by grabbing attention of and drawing in passing traffic. Bollard Signs are a fantastic way to advertise your product or brand and if you have a pole available - this is for you. Perfect for promotions and to grab a passerby's eye. Have one right in the middle of your office - make it a promotional or motivational piece. Great for wrapping around poles, at outdoor events such as football and cricket matches, Bollard Signs are easy to transport, place and reuse. Manufactured out of Corflute often used as a substitute for a sandwich board sign, these cost effective signs are widely used in the event and retail space. Bollard Signs come in a range of sizes to choose from! Configure your artwork to be either a 1220mm high sign, or a 2400mm high sign (or anything in between).

Big Bold Branding can custom design your own Bollard Signs to match your company colours and branding. Bollard signs are printed outdoor signs made from the Big Bold Branding corflute boards 5mm thick and creased so the panels can fold into a triangle. when you are using them, and fold down and put away when you aren't. Printed on the two panels that face outwards (not printed on the bottom or inside). Very durable, easy to transport and very effective.  Secure with double sided tape for a once-only application, and if you are wanting to reuse them, use a durable velcro tape. Easy to weigh down. !

One Bollard sign is made per sheet. Maximum sheet size is 2440mm x 1200mm. If can be triangle with a flap, or square with a flap. An sided triangle, or with a laid back look. The configuration within the sheet size is at your discretion. Play around, be creative (like in the old days with the Origami set). !

If you are creating your own artwork for a triangular 1220 high sign, allow panels in order of 340mm(flap), 750mm(printed), 750mm(printed, and 60cm(bottom - unprinted). Add keylines to indicated the fold lines. If doing your artwork for a square, allow five panels in order of 240mm(flap), 550mm(printed), 550mm(printed), 550mm(printed), 550mm(printed. Add keylines to indicate the fold lines. If you are designing to suit a 2440mm high sign, adjust the sides within the 1220mm width. Sizes and folds vary and are approximate depending on your needs for application and may be adjusted where necessary to fit maximum media widths.  Please note, the flaps and insides are not printed. See also Toblerone Signs for vertical signs to go around posts or bollards!

If you would like Big Bold Branding to create  a customised design for you, click on the design brief and we'll get started. If you have a custom size or volumes, click on the 'request a quote' button.!
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